James Padilla, MS, LADAC

Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Certified Anger Management Treatment Profession

James Padilla is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor and obtained his Master of Science in Addictions Counseling at Grand Canyon University. James Padilla utilizes a holistic approach to treating addictive behavior with consideration to the social and interpersonal problems that contribute to cycles of addiction. James Padilla has specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and is a Certified Anger Management Treatment Professional. James Padilla teaches Anger Management beyond learning anger triggers and appropriate coping strategies, and addresses the underlying causes of anger. James Padilla is a NADAAC member and is currently working on his PhD in Psychology with emphasis in Cognition and Instruction. James Padilla’s research interest include effective teaching strategies to assist people in learning and implementing new behaviors, and effective reintegration into social systems post incarceration/post addiction.